National Day of Prayer

 Today is our National Day of Prayer. Please pray for our leaders, our country, and our world…….. Trimortidas

Prayer is a demand of the soul. God did not make us beggars; He created us in His image….A beggar who goes to a rich home and asks for alms receives a beggar’s share; but the son can have anything he asks from his wealthy father. Therefore we should not behave like beggars. Divine ones such as Christ, Krishna and Buddha did not lie when they said we are made in the image of God.

I prefer the word ‘demand’ to ‘prayer,’ because the former is devoid of the primitive and medieval conception of a kingly tyrant-God whom we, as beggars, have to supplicate and flatter. There is a great deal of beggary and ignorance in ordinary prayer….Few know how to pray and touch God with their prayers.

You have a divine right inherited from God to demand from Him; and He will respond to you because you are His own. If you constantly call to Him, He cannot escape the net of your devotion. If you pray until the ether churns with the light of your prayer, then you will find God.


Paramahansa Yogananda


a reflection on The Lord’s Prayer


Our –

The first word our is the all inclusive our that excludes no one. The Lord’s prayer could have started with “My.” It didn’t for a very simple reason. We are a world family. God—no matter by what Name we call Him—belongs to all of us, and all of us belong to Him. Every thought of every person influences each and every one of us each and every day. All the people on the planet, as well as those in heaven and those in the hell of no spiritual awareness, are included. The phrase, “That all men are created equal…” from the Bill of Rights derives its meaning directly from this word our of the Lord’s prayer.

Father –

The father figure is the symbolic aspect of God as creator, protector, figurehead, disciplinarian and bread winner.  A father is one who wants to create out of himself in order to love. For the Supreme Father, all of creation is Himself. “Without Him there is no one and no thing made….”

Our bodies are—as all things are—made of God-thought condensed into matter and formed by His Word—the vibration of protons, neutrons and electrons. The Father looks after, supports, feeds and cares for His children unbeknownst by the vast majority of those very children. He hides in and behind the beauty of nature. He seldom lets the few children who know Him intimately break the rules of His cosmic game of hide and seek and divulge the secret of apparent miracles. He enjoys His children enjoying His cosmic play.

At the same time, He gave all of His children free will to not believe in Him and the saints and divine beings who know Him. He wants to perpetuate this drama. If we meet Him and experience His total nature, we tire of the drama instantly and discover we don’t want to play any more. He who created us loves us more than we love our body’s life. We become very attached to this body and what seems to be our life, but God created us as a soul, not a body. He breathed the breath of Himself, the indestructible soul, into perishable bodies of “dust,” which He then makes return to that very same “dust.” Our creative Father set up the heavens, the earth and the hells as schools for His children, the souls, to attend and to learn the Good News that there is no death for an immortal soul, and that the law is to love and be loved by one another.

Who art in heaven –

The father maintains a location and existence other than this grand stage where human life appears to experience the drama. He created seven spheres of consciousness which St. John saw and described as the seven Churches. God’s consciousness and existence is heaven itself, and described as awareness of truth, and ever-new bliss or joy. So when we talk of Heaven on Earth, we are referring to the state of consciousness of heaven, literally “having our heads in the clouds of heaven with our feet on the ground.”

This is also called entering the Christ Consciousness state. The Father is our original heavenly state of consciousness, an awareness of which is our birth right. We, for the most part, have forgotten that. We are blinded by the overwhelming roar and perceptions born of the five senses. Whatever we perceive with these five senses we perceive as real. But the great masters say that these perceptions are unreal, simply movie pictures playing out on a screen from God’s thought projector. They say only the Father in Heaven is real. All else perishes (returns to dust) except Himself.  Our immortal souls are the parts of Himself that make us who we are in reality. He is watching, playing  and returning himself to Himself through us. He is our Father and wants us to return home to Him as prodigal sons. It is our destiny to greet Him in Heavenly Consciousness.

Hallowed be thy name –

Hallowed means “sacred” or “halo-ed, having a halo of God-conscious golden light around and in it.”  The reason God’s Name is hallowed is that the Name of God—like the name of a person—is a way of communicating with the same. God created all the universes by saying or speaking it. God Said  “Let there be light…” So if God created the universe by speaking, we can get God’s attention by saying His Name, just as you get your spouse’s attention by saying his or her name. We learn that there is power to know or attract God’s attention by repetition of His holy or hallowed Name. This is the underlying rationale for japa practice (repetition of a holy Name or prayer, with or without a rosary) because Name and the object are the same.

Thy Kingdom come –

The Kingdom that comes is the kingdom of heavenly consciousness which is everyone’s birthright.  All souls eventually return to their rightful place of heavenly, blissful existence in the royal court of our Heavenly Father.

Thy will be done –

The supreme Father,  protector and parent—just like any worldly Father—wills for us only our greatest good. But we have free will to think and do things which are just the opposite of what God wants us to do. If we ask God for His will to be done, we cannot go wrong or get lost in the mire of our own wants and desires.  We ask to know and do God’s will in order to quickly return home to our birthright, the Temple of Joy.

On earth as it is in Heaven –

Most of us want world peace. We want and need God’s flawless government of love in Heaven to guide our earthly governments as well as our “government” of three billion cells in our own bodies. Without order through governance of some kind, there is chaos. God has a perfect plan for each one of us and for the world. But we are given free will as mini-creators of our own heaven or hell. Each one of us can literally experience “heaven or hell” on earth. We must choose wisely, with the free will we are given, because this life is short.

Give us this day our daily bread –

The bread is the food we eat, the clothes and shelter we are given and the very breath of life in our bodies. God gives of His creation every day to sustain us in our dream existence. We may do things to make it difficult for Him to give us our daily bread, but He is up to the task. We need to recognize that it is indeed Him who is providing us with all that we need. And all we really need is that Love “that proceeds from the very mouth of God….” This is “mana from heaven.” In eastern traditions, it is called prana.

And forgive us our trespasses –

As we forgive those who trespass against us –

God is Father to all, be they naughty or nice. He forgives His children. That is a given. WE must be like our Father and forgive all, as well. We are to turn the other cheek and not get upset with others. In that manner, we must work to be like our great benevolent Father. It is our sacred duty. We are sisters and brothers to all souls. We must act Godly to understand Him and regain our state with Him. This is the essence of Godliness. “Forgive them, Father, for they know not what they do….”

And lead us not into temptation –

God is always leading us!  Souls who attune themselves to God in any of His many forms live the divine life. They feel God’s presence silently guiding them. The subtle, silent hand manifests as synchronistic events and happenings which worldly persons call  “Lady Luck.” God is leading us but we use our God-given will to lead ourselves into tempting environments or situations, pleasant and unpleasant. Tempting “fate” or God is usually done by our own bad judgment and though our own prenatal tendencies. We tell others that we just can’t help ourselves. God will test us to see if we really want Him more than worldly playthings, fame or worldly love.

But deliver us from evil –

We ask for strength and wisdom to see beyond the temptations and rise above them. The word “BUT” carries an interesting implication. It implies that the temptation is going to come no matter what but when it does come, save us from the evil that is in the temptation. God is the deliverer. He delivers all things materially and spiritually. We need to ask to be spared any evil that is seeking to destroy us during our tests. At times, evil tries to overtake us in some form or another. God can shield us from our karma (results of past thoughts, words and deeds) and here we are asking for God’s grace.

For thine is the Kingdom –

God made everything out of Himself. All is His Kingdom. It is God, not us, who “owns” it. He is its sole creator, preserver and destroyer.

The power –

All supernatural forces, as well as natural forces are created and controlled by Him. Verily, He is the whole cosmos. Every atom is His body. His is the power behind the cosmos.

And the glory –

Glory is the praise or singing of angels in heaven.  If we wish to know Him, we need to emulate those beings in heaven in order to develop a proper relationship with God. The very stones cry out praises because God is Extreme Bliss Consciousness. In that state of knowing God, your hair stands on end and you give praise automatically and continuously.

Forever and ever –

God exists as the eternal now. Time is different in heaven. The Hindus say that a day in the life of God the Creator is 440,235,000 earth years long. And that His night is just as long. Time does not exist like we think it does. Time is an illusion. There is only the great NOW.

Amen –

We end the prayer with the Amen, the AUM vibration of the Holy Spirit, the one and true witness to all of God’s creation, the eternal vibration of God from which all creation is made and which is present in all creation as the Holy Spirit. This unseen vibratory force is pure divine love energy which comes out of God and sustains all worlds. Matter and energy are changed back and forth in the cosmos continuously but nothing is ever lost. The Holy Spirit, a universal force, takes us back to God by being “baptized” into that Spirit. Great saints and sages from the beginning of time all describe the Holy vibration sound as Aum, Amen, Amin, and OM. We can say and hear this sound and its variations to find our way back to its source because the source is God’s “Word” or love vibration.

Idolater? Hardly!

A young lady made the comment to me (back in 1999) that she thought that by seeing God in saints and devas (God-like beings or “angels”), I was an idolater, one who worships God as an idol. I thought you would appreciate my response.

I was raised strict Roman Catholic, going to Mass and taking Holy Communion daily. I was very devout and understood from a young age that “worship” in the church was offered to but one God, Our Father/Creator in Heaven, the one and only God. My belief in that remains unchanged.

It was our Father who came to me nine years ago; He alone illumined my mind, heart and soul, none else. HE alone is, none else is, but He is and remains formless, as He is the responsible cause and is the indwelling love spirit in every molecule He has made, everything above and below, within and without, seen and unseen.

But how does one worship the Formless One? Man uses forms to remind him of God who created everything, including forms. I see God in many of the forms, statues and works of religious art, not only in the Catholic Church, but in her many great saints.

One such saint is Therese Neumann, the great 20th century Catholic Stigmata. My father witnessed her wounds of Christ bleed. This miracle changed his life. We are changed by true souls of God. The saints are special carriers of the Holy Spirit. She was a form of God’s love and grace. I have her picture on my wall. But I do not worship her as God. By God’s grace, she manifested His miracle and is a testament to the truth of Jesus Christ’s existence as the Son of God. And in Christ’s greatest, most important words to the world, “Know ye not that ye are Sons of God? That these things and greater, ye shall do also?” Jesus was referring to the performance of “miracles” in this particular passage. So he was admonishing us to take up the path of mastery and to “walk in my footsteps.”

In the Old Testament, our Heavenly Father “punished” the blinded, foolish Jews who literally “worshiped” the form of a golden calf as God. They were hungry, tired of wandering and desired to return to paganism, drunkenness and orgy worship. Where the golden calf is worshiped, forgetfulness of the formless Father in Heaven inevitably follows.

I love Eastern art and ritual (worship practices) which uplift my thoughts to Our Father. The ringing of bells, waving of lights, burning of incense, chanting of prayers in a sacred language to Heavenly Father and singing His praises in hymns, etc., elevates my devotion. These are things we did in the Catholic Church and these are the very same things my Eastern teachers did. They also worshiped the One Father In Heaven, whom they call Parabrahma.

All of the world’s major religions worship the same Father in Heaven. Buddha, who was a Hindu, worshiped and “realized” his Father in Heaven. Buddha said that it was our Loving Father who made everything and that He is everything. Nothing else is. His followers erected statues of their teacher to meditate on in order to attune their little minds to the great mind of the Father in Heaven through the enlightened mind of the Buddha.

I do not worship the Buddha, but rather his Father in Heaven… our Father. When God came to me, He showed me that He is Father to all the world, the same Father realized by all religions. He said that Truth is One, many are His holy Names. Each one of us worships the Truth in a form that suits us. You do not worship God in a drunken man form. You don’t see God in the garbage, you don’t worship or “see” God in a movie star or politician.

Holy scriptures say that because we are embodied, meditation on the formless God is difficult. Most of us need a form or an IDEAL in order to focus our meditation. Our loving, kind Father sent us Christ… and many other saints to follow to personally show us the Way, the Truth, and the Light. It’s the same Light of Life illuminating all souls on the planet, the Light of our Creator.

Please do not think I am deluded and worshiping any form other than the One Creator, GOD. He alone is everywhere because I see Him and Him alone in the rocks, the trees, the grass, all people and in all things, animate and inanimate. Nothing else exists. This is how I see. It is who I am. God is everything, everywhere and everyone. When you have that state of awareness, you are a seer, you “see” as God sees.

Your God-loving friend,

An Experience of Cosmic Consciousness

Dr. Richard Maurice Bucke wrote a book at the turn of the last century entitled “Cosmic Consciousness.” He wrote of eleven traits which universally manifest in one who has this experience. They are as follows:

1. The person suddenly, without warning, has a sense of being immersed in a flame that does not burn or immersed in a cloud of light or haze. I experience all these sensations. At first, I feel a white light from above as the dove of the Holy Spirit descends upon my head. It turns to a tongue of fire that never burns, the same fire as the burning bush, alive with God’s consciousness. Then I feel time stand still in the white mist all around my body: a living, conscious time warp where there is only the ever-sacred eternal now. The light is radiating from my body but is divine, as am I—a wave of and in the Cosmic Ocean of God-consciousness. It is an ocean of milky white light.

2. At the same instant, he is bathed in joy, assurance, triumph, or “salvation.” In my case, the feeling is “sainthood.” My first reaction is “Why me Lord? I am not worthy!” And yet I know I am holy and sainted from the inside out, irrevocably, without appeal. The state is one of bliss and joy, of oceanic consciousness.

3. Simultaneously, there is an intellectual illumination about the entire nature of the cosmos. A grand vision of “how it all is.” Matter no longer appears dead but is seen to be alive with Divinity constantly. One sees, feels and knows the Living Presence in the very atoms of everything. I see this in the walls and in the atoms of my bedpost.

4. Accompanying this is the sense of immortality of the soul and of God. It is an unshakable knowing, not something learned. I see that I have lived since the beginning of time. I lose all fear of death although afterwards I can be frightened a little, but not by death. I know I am immortal, beyond time.

5. With illumination, the fear of death is permanently banished from thought. Fearlessness is transfused throughout the soul.

6. The same banishment happens to the sense of sin. It is erased. All is forgiven on all levels. A great weight or burden you don’t necessarily know you have is lifted from your shoulders. I have an item by item experience of this, going back, back in time similar to a near-death experience. My whole life “flashes before my eyes” in about two minutes real time. Every little hurt of my heart is reviewed and, at each motion picture flash, the twinge of pain is taken away. The seed idea in my consciousness of having committed sin is burnt, turned to ash, neutralized.

7. The instantaneous nature of illumination is one of its most striking features. It is such a different state that I literally cannot believe it although it’s the most real experience I’ve ever had. This lightning bolt illumination is at the opposite end of the spectrum from hallucination. I am fully conscious and aware of it.

8. The nature of the person blessed with an experience of cosmic consciousness will be of high moral character, with many traits bending towards living a “high purpose” life. I fit the profile. I am from birth very religious, devout, faithful always. My mother says I was a delight to raise, never giving anyone any trouble. I was educated in Catholic schools by nuns and became an altar boy. I was a member of the Knights of Columbus at the age of twelve. During my teenage years I was seeking God and His teachings outside the Church, and I always wanted more. I entered an ashram (spiritual community) at the age of twenty-five to find God. I practiced Kriya Yoga toward that end.

9. The age of this person is usually between 30 and 40 years with exceptions. I was about 39 years old. Richard Bucke writes, “Should we hear of a case of cosmic consciousness occurring at twenty, we should first doubt the truth of this account, and if forced to believe it we should expect the man (if he lived) to prove himself, in some way, a veritable spiritual giant.”

I know of two such saints, modern day spiritual giants, both of whom were my spiritual teachers in this life. Paramahamsa Yogananda was labeled a spiritual giant by many, many people, rich and poor, rulers, senators, statesmen and kings. He attained cosmic consciousness at age 20 or so. He brought and is still bringing to God millions of souls—even 50 years after his death, in 1953.

Sadguru Sant Keshavadas attained that state when he was 11 years old, without the manifestation of a physical guru. Thereafter, he traveled around India and later came to the West, singing the songs of God and telling stories of His saints. He is the most exceptional saint I have ever known. He left this life in 1997.

I have to say that both of these Masters had everything to do with my Illumination. The teacher(s) are God’s hands on Earth. In India, they say the guru is a direct manifestation of God, carrying the soul on their backs across the ocean of suffering to the shores of this Divine realization. Paramahamsa means “Great Swan.” This they both were.

10. The added charm of such a person is always a feature after an experience of cosmic consciousness. After my illumination, all types and ages of people find me very charming and want to be around me. I owe the entire success of my business to this very noticeable “added charm.” I know it to be a direct radiation of divine love from our Father, who is within me, within you, within everyone and everything. He works through me and uses me. It wasn’t that way before illumination.

11. There is a marked, permanent change in the person and personality, a veritable “transfiguration.” In my case the changes are many: I rarely if ever get mad anymore. I have no interest in sex. I am independent (more complete unto myself). I am more loving in a more detached spiritual way to everybody and everything. I see God in everything and everybody (even murderers and thieves). I succeed at whatever I do. I am able to figure out a solution to any problem. My IQ improved from 132 in high school to over 156 and higher in recent testing. In the aftermath of that exaltation, I always hear and feel the Holy Spirit, “the sound of many rushing waters” and feel God’s love within.

I want to permanently stay in that transfigured state (which lasted about seven hours) so I am in dedicated pursuit of another experience of it ever since. Alas, to date, I only occasionally taste it to a lesser degree in meditation.

Your brother,

“The Twenty Commandments”

1. If you feel far away from The Great Spirit, guess who

2. Fear knocked. Faith answered. No one was

3. What you are is The Great Spirit’s gift to you. What you
become is your gift to The Great Spirit .

4. I am The Great Spirit ‘s melody of life and He sings His
song through me.

5. We can never really go where The Great Spirit is not,
and where He is, all is well.

6. No matter what is happening in your life,
know that The Great Spirit is waiting for you with open arms.

7. The Great Spirit promises a safe landing, not a calm

8. Do your best and then sleep in peace. The Great Spirit
is awake.

9. The Great Spirit has a purpose and plan for me that
no one else can fulfill.

10. The will of The Great Spirit will never take you to where
the grace of The Great Spirit will not protect you.

11. We are responsible for the effort, not the

12. We set the sail; The Great Spirit makes the wind.

13. Begin to weave and The Great Spirit will give you the

14. When The Great Spirit says “no,” it’s because He has
something better in store for you.

15. The task ahead of us is never as great as
the Power behind us.

16. Prayer: don’t bother to give The Great Spirit instructions,
just report for duty.

17. It’s my business to do The Great Spirit ‘s business, and
it’s His business to take care of my business.

18. Serenity is not freedom from the storm, but
peace amid the storm.

19. How come you’re always running around looking for
The Great Spirit? He’s not lost.

20. The Great Spirit put me on earth to accomplish a certain number
of things; right now, I’m so far behind I will live forever.

Earth author unknown. Ultimate author, The Great Spirit

A real “Who’s Who” kind of guy

Timothy Hayes ~
(printed in a local newspaper article)

Wouldn’t we all like to be listed in the prestigious Who’s Who book listings… to be acknowledged for our accomplishments in life would be an outstanding tribute! Tim Hayes has done just that by taking those extra steps, making those extra efforts, and having the attitude of not wanting to just settle for “getting by.”

Hayes Heating & Air Conditioning has been in business for over 30 years. Tim has an extensive background in related fields that made opening his own heating and air conditioning place a natural course of events. He started the company in 1978 when he had no assets, a wife and two young children to support.

And now, Tim’s daughter Chandra graduated from Western Washington University as a manufacturing engineer and works for Boeing. His son, Kirtan, works at the family heating & air conditioning business alongside his dad while continuing his education. Tim hopes his son will continue with the business in the future. Today, Tim is still the Owner/President of the business, supervises a staff of 20 employees and has 15 trucks and vans to handle the volume of calls they get. Definitely a ‘family affair’ here and even though their company has been successful and has had this kind of growth, the smaller business attitude still remains and reflects the way they conduct their business.

Tim Hayes has a diverse background in mechanical engineering, solar heating, HVAC (Heating, Venting, Air Conditioning) design and installations, radiant floor and hot water baseboard heating system design, operation and residential gas heating equipment. He received a Bachelor of Science teaching degree in 1973 from Old Dominion University in Norfolk, VA. Over a period of 30 years. he has had training in HVAC from a variety of educational sources and manufacturers. and has taught weekly classes on HVAC to his staff and service techs for many years. He has also taught at Griffith Business College in Seattle. His current educational project is writing a textbook on learning to service and repair HVAC equipment, with an ultimate goal of teaching the subject to techs in a school of his own.

In 1975. Tim got his start in the solar heating industry with Pioneer Energy Systems in Lynchburg, VA. The company expanded into four states with over a dozen privately owned dealerships that serviced and sold many types of heating and air conditioning equipment. As a system design engineer, he developed solar assisted heat pump systems for a large federally funded project, and he also designed and engineered several other multi-million dollar heating and air conditioning projects.

In conjunction with his system design expertise. Tim has also spent a great deal of time as a training manager. He has taught over 5,000 heating service technicians in seminars all over the Northwest, Western Canada, Alaska and Hawaii. While employed for an international solar manufacturer out of New York State, he set up and formatted businesses in the solar industry and did consulting work for their design systems.

It is easy to see why Tim Hayes got to be listed in Who’s Who just by skipping over the highlights of his career. I was impressed by his unassuming manner and the whole company’s down-to-earth direct approach.