Idolater? Hardly!

A young lady made the comment to me (back in 1999) that she thought that by seeing God in saints and devas (God-like beings or “angels”), I was an idolater, one who worships God as an idol. I thought you would appreciate my response.

I was raised strict Roman Catholic, going to Mass and taking Holy Communion daily. I was very devout and understood from a young age that “worship” in the church was offered to but one God, Our Father/Creator in Heaven, the one and only God. My belief in that remains unchanged.

It was our Father who came to me nine years ago; He alone illumined my mind, heart and soul, none else. HE alone is, none else is, but He is and remains formless, as He is the responsible cause and is the indwelling love spirit in every molecule He has made, everything above and below, within and without, seen and unseen.

But how does one worship the Formless One? Man uses forms to remind him of God who created everything, including forms. I see God in many of the forms, statues and works of religious art, not only in the Catholic Church, but in her many great saints.

One such saint is Therese Neumann, the great 20th century Catholic Stigmata. My father witnessed her wounds of Christ bleed. This miracle changed his life. We are changed by true souls of God. The saints are special carriers of the Holy Spirit. She was a form of God’s love and grace. I have her picture on my wall. But I do not worship her as God. By God’s grace, she manifested His miracle and is a testament to the truth of Jesus Christ’s existence as the Son of God. And in Christ’s greatest, most important words to the world, “Know ye not that ye are Sons of God? That these things and greater, ye shall do also?” Jesus was referring to the performance of “miracles” in this particular passage. So he was admonishing us to take up the path of mastery and to “walk in my footsteps.”

In the Old Testament, our Heavenly Father “punished” the blinded, foolish Jews who literally “worshiped” the form of a golden calf as God. They were hungry, tired of wandering and desired to return to paganism, drunkenness and orgy worship. Where the golden calf is worshiped, forgetfulness of the formless Father in Heaven inevitably follows.

I love Eastern art and ritual (worship practices) which uplift my thoughts to Our Father. The ringing of bells, waving of lights, burning of incense, chanting of prayers in a sacred language to Heavenly Father and singing His praises in hymns, etc., elevates my devotion. These are things we did in the Catholic Church and these are the very same things my Eastern teachers did. They also worshiped the One Father In Heaven, whom they call Parabrahma.

All of the world’s major religions worship the same Father in Heaven. Buddha, who was a Hindu, worshiped and “realized” his Father in Heaven. Buddha said that it was our Loving Father who made everything and that He is everything. Nothing else is. His followers erected statues of their teacher to meditate on in order to attune their little minds to the great mind of the Father in Heaven through the enlightened mind of the Buddha.

I do not worship the Buddha, but rather his Father in Heaven… our Father. When God came to me, He showed me that He is Father to all the world, the same Father realized by all religions. He said that Truth is One, many are His holy Names. Each one of us worships the Truth in a form that suits us. You do not worship God in a drunken man form. You don’t see God in the garbage, you don’t worship or “see” God in a movie star or politician.

Holy scriptures say that because we are embodied, meditation on the formless God is difficult. Most of us need a form or an IDEAL in order to focus our meditation. Our loving, kind Father sent us Christ… and many other saints to follow to personally show us the Way, the Truth, and the Light. It’s the same Light of Life illuminating all souls on the planet, the Light of our Creator.

Please do not think I am deluded and worshiping any form other than the One Creator, GOD. He alone is everywhere because I see Him and Him alone in the rocks, the trees, the grass, all people and in all things, animate and inanimate. Nothing else exists. This is how I see. It is who I am. God is everything, everywhere and everyone. When you have that state of awareness, you are a seer, you “see” as God sees.

Your God-loving friend,

One thought on “Idolater? Hardly!

  1. carolyns28 says:

    As a Catholic how do you see Jesus as the self-stated one and only “Son of God”? He says he is the “way, the truth, and the life” and that NO ONE can come to the father except through him. Even the Buddha explained our need for the “Christ consciousness” because we need a “god” we can touch, hear and feel. Saints cannot save us but they direct us towards the God of the universe who is found in Christ Jesus through the power of the Holy Spirit. That same Holy Spirit in us confirms the authority of Jesus and the Father to whom we are reconciled only through the shed blood of the Christ. We are fatally flawed and separated from the perfection of the Father and Jesus is the only way to be healed and reunited.

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